Just click the buttons of Capture It! Toolbar and you can take various kinds of snapshots.

Firefox Add-ons

Capture It! Toolbar is a free toolbar for Firefox browser users to capture an entire web page or part of a web page and save it as an image. This toolbar is only for Windows OS.

Capture It! Toolbar

Product requirements

Windows 2000, XP, Vista for English / Firefox 2-3

How to use Capture It! Toolbar

Capture It! Toolbar
  1. This mode makes you able to specify the area you want to capture by dragging the mouse.
    zoomWhen you drag the mouse and specify the area, you can enlarge an image of the cursor position by pushing the Shift key on the keyboard.
    You can arrange the cursor position with Arrow keys on the keyboard.
  1. You can take snapshots of web pages of the whole browser with frames and toolbars.
  2. You can take snapshots of view areas inside the browser.
  3. This mode makes you able to capture a tall window which is usually hidden in the lower part of the page by auto-scrolling.
    [In order to stop auto-scrolling in the middle] Just take the mouse off the view area of the browser.
  4. You can clear the destination of the captured image files. The destination is "My Document\MyPictures\CaptIt".
  5. You can choose either web search or image search.
  6. You can jump to the Capture It! Toolbar web page.

Tips for trouble-shooting

After installing the toolbar, where can I find it on the browser?
The button palette of the toolbar is added to the end of the browser's toolbar area.
If you want to change the place of the toolbar, please choose [customizing] menu which is shown by right clicking on the toolbar area so that you can drag each buttons.

Where can I find the captured images?
You can find the captured images as Jpeg files in your "My Pictures" folder where you can easily access by pressing the "folder icon" in the toolbar.

Though I clicked buttons, why does nothing happen on the browser?
When you operate "browser capturing mode", "view area capturing mode", or "auto-scrolling capturing mode", The images are automatically stored in the designated destination folder.
Pressing the "folder icon" in the toolbar, you can easily open the destination folder.


If you have questions and opinions on Capture It! Toolbar, please contact us by e-mail.